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Completes daily assignments as directed by a nurse including:

a. Assists patients with daily activities

b. Provides patients with bed pans/urinals, cleans urinary devices; is competent in application of urinary devices. Empties bedside drainage bags and keeps records of

the patient's intake and output during the entire shift, reports information to the nurse

c. Assists or prepares patient for examination or treatment

d. Weighs patients

e. Transports patient to and from therapy/radiology/appointments

f. Makes bed daily. Maintains tidiness of the patient s room as needed

Obtains vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations) as directed.

Answers all call lights promptly. Reports problems to a primary nurse/designee.

Reinforces rehabilitation techniques as directed to maximize patient recovery including:

Provides ADL assistance including feeding, bathing, showering.

Transfers patients from one surface to another including manual and mechanical lifts.

Position patients appropriately in bed and in wheelchair.

Re-positions patients; cues patients to weight shift as appropriate.

Dons and doffs splints/braces/and positioning devices appropriately and timely


High School diploma or equivalent required. 1 yr experience in a hospital or healthcare facility - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist